Friday, March 9, 2012

Wonderful yarn-full couple of days

I have had a wonderful couple of days full of yarn and great knitting books.   I went to my first yarn store in a while, I have been looking forward to going there for a long time.  The store is Mayaluna yarns.   It is beautiful. There are wonderful yarns to touch and play with.  The staff was terrific.  She was fantastic and friendly and did not make me feel bad for being a beginner knitter.  Their web site is and I recommend going there.   I buy most of my yarn online but it is so nice to get to touch the yarn before you buy it.  And seeing it in person gives me a real feel for the colors.
I picked up a bunch of great used knitting books at COAS used book store in Las Cruces.  This store is fantastic.. much bigger than Barnes and Nobles.  I could spend hours and hours there.  It seems when I go there is never enough time to spend there.  I also went to one of New Mexico Women's Foundation Rag Rug festivals(   It was so much fun.  I loved talking to the weavers and knitters.  There were some ladies selling specialty yarns, and I picked up some.  A really great time.  If there is a festival near you.. go.. the ladies are great and full of lots of great advice.   I fell in love with the triangular loom weaving.. and who knows.