Friday, March 2, 2012

Fast moving needles

When I first started knitting I hated wooden needles.  I could not imagine why anyone would like them... until I started knitting lace.  I now I totally understand.   With all of the yarn-overs, on my metal needles, the stitches almost seem to fly off.  I need to be very careful or before I notice I lose one.  Definitely this is something that wooden knitting needles would help with.  When I knit the patterns from the knitting mochi-mochi(mini patterns) I use wooden needles.. it was all I could find at the store at the time.. I have the opposite problem.   I notice if I can use metal for these it goes faster.   I guess one of each kind would be best.  I must admit that I notice a difference between the two different types of wooden needles.  The bamboo seem to have the most grab.. I have red colored wooden needles that are kind of in between..  faster than the bamboo but not as fast as the metal needles.    Most of these needles are circulars.    Enough pontificating about knitting needles.   I finally have time to knit a few rows... so that is what I am going to do.   I got to see flowers on the trees.. spring  is coming.