Sunday, October 14, 2012


Still Spindling away with my Spindling class on Craftsy. I also started the Entrelac class. It is fantastic. I am working on the first project. It is a circular scarf. Even though both of the yarns I am using are worsted weight the grey one is heavier and that is making it a little odd but still doable. Here is a picture of my progress

The instructor for the class is terrific. Her name is Gwen Bortner. She is really great at how she gives you information. Her presentation is clear and concise, if you ever have a chance to take a class with her, do it. I am horrible at picking up stitches but so far I seem to be doing ok with this. Even a relatively new knitter can take this class since she explains it so well. And at least this project becomes so simple you do not need a chart or instructions after the first couple rounds.


Monday, October 1, 2012

Breed specific yarn

I am taking a class on breed specific wool on craftsy. It is really fun and FREE. What has been eye opening for me is the differences from one breed to another. For my swatches of the breed yarns I am knitting.. But I might also try some rectangular woven swatches, at least with the Jacob. This breed of sheep are so beautiful. Here is a picture of the natural yarn


Beautiful isn't it

Below is a knitted swatch of Cormo. I got this from elsawool and have s skein of woolen spun and worsted spun yarn. This spinning has nothing to do with the worsted weight..that is a separate quality. What a difference in the two types of yarn. The woolen spun is fluffy and springy whereas the worsted spun is silky and smooth. I think for continuous strand weaving I prefer woolen spun yarn... I will swatch the worsted spun just to be sure.

Swatch of Cormo Woolen spun yarn from Elsa Wool in worsted weight.



Finished blocked shawls

I finally blocked my Mara Shawl and my practice Mara Shawl. Keep in mind with regard to my color choices on the practice.. I used yarn from my stash.. I was really scrambling to get over 600 yards of yarn of the same type from my stash that was a worsted or dk weight.

Here is Mara


Here is my practice Mara shawl