Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Spinning like a wheel!

I have been spinning like crazy.  It is fiber festival time in New Mexico.   I attended the "Heart Of New Mexico Fiber Gathering" this weekend.  It was lovely.  There were fantastic fiber artists showing lovely fibers, yarns, woven items and felted items.  Really beautiful stuff there.

At the beginning of August I attend Art Through The Loom's Rag Rug Festival in Santa Fe.  Once again beautiful rag rugs, yarns, woven rugs, knitted items, eco-printed items and so much more.  I found the rag rugs made from ties to be super cool and very creative.

Here is a picture of some green dyed fleece that I tail spun.  I have not dyed nor spun a lot of green.  It was fun to spin.. several different breeds are included in this yarn including coopworth, teeswater, wensleydale and even more.

Here is a picture of some Gotland that I have spun