Monday, March 19, 2012

Super fun knitting.

I have been knitting lots of mini mochimochi toys lately.  So far last week I made 3 aliens, a cactus, corn on the cob, and a gnome.  These tiny guys are so much fun.   One of the problems I have is mixing yarns.  If the yarns are not very close to exactly the same weight and texture.. it can be a bit of a problem.    It seems like knitpicks has the best prices on sock yarn.. so I ordered a bunch of colors from them.. to solve my matching problems.   I have never used their yarn before.. but I have heard good things about them.  I have also been working on a fun shawl.. I am using Filati(FFF) Moira yarn.. it is a yarn with tiny ribbons tied around the main strands.   Easy to work with and a fun yarn.