Monday, July 13, 2015

Loom Love!

I have a new love in my life, it is four shaft weaving!


It happened kind of unexpectedly, I love to work with wool locks. I often tail spin then I heard about weaving a rug out of unspun looks like a sheep skin but no sheep is harmed. This type of weaving cannot be done on a rigid heddle loom. So I started my search for a floor loom that can weave rugs. An awesome rug weaver from Abiquiu, NM told me about a used four shaft floor loom for sale in Espinola..And I got a lovely floor loom.

I took the loom home and put it together and warped it to weave a sampler. It seemed to me I should know a little about the other types of weaving. Well I discovered the power of weaving with four shafts. It is soooo cool. With the same threading sequence you can weave a variety of designs. I am totally smitten.

Today I wove several inches of crackle weave and it is still love. The design is just amazing! Designing crackle patterns is way out of my league now, but folks this is so cool! You have to try it.

My New Love