Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Toiling over Coils

I have been spinning a lot of coiled yarn lately.  I have found that using good fiber that has not been felted at all makes a big difference in spinning the slub yarn part of the coil.   Here is a photo of one of the skeins.. Will try to post more photos of the other skeins later.   This is a fun yarn to spin but it can be frustrating.  If you do not have enough twist in your slub yarn when you ply it or coil it.. it will tend to come apart.  I find I need to be extra careful about letting the twist from plying travel to my slub yarns.

Merino Braid from Quillin Fiber Arts

I spun this about 2 months ago... I think the top one looks a little nicer. but the brown coils are fine too.