Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Spinning Camelids

In NM a lot of folks have alpacas, so alpaca fiber is not hard to get and the prices are reasonable. I am currently watching the DVD on spinning Camelid fiber, alpaca falls into this category. Some things I didn't know is that you should give alpaca more twist than has a lot of similarities to silk. Alpaca generally has a long staple length and no crimp, wave but not crimp.

In one part of the DVD, Judith MacKenzie makes a boucle yarn with the alpaca. I love boucle yarns and might try this with alpaca especially since it is a lot less expensive than mohair, the typical boucle fiber.

Camel however is quite short in length. Judith MacKenzie recommends plying your camel singles. She said it is not so strong as a single.

She recommends a good soapy wash, into hot, into cold, into hot, into cold.

Now I know how to spin the alpaca in my closet.