Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Mara Shawl Pattern and spindling

I am still progressing on the mara shawl pattern.   Right now I am working on the 2by2 ribbed edging.   This part will probably take me at least 10 hours to do.

 I am also trying to learn to spindle.   I am using the craftsy online course and have an instructor.   So far with my instructor I have learned to make rolags using cards, we have just started using a hook to spindle the rolags.   I have a bit of a hard time drafting consistently.   I ordered my spindle for the craftsy course.  I hope it comes in the next week because I am really excited to try that.  Learning to spin with a spindle is a lot cheaper than buying a spinning wheel.  I am not sure but I imagine one of the hardest things for beginners is learning to draft well.     I will post a few pictures of my poorly made yarn bits with the hook.   You have to start somewhere.

I find that when I card the wool to make it into rolags... if I do it for too long it really bothers my allergies.   Yesterday my eyes were itching, I was sneezing.   I have knitted with tons of wool yarn and worn wool clothing without a problem.. so I am a little surprised by this.